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Here are some ways:

Giveaways and Product Reviews: Do you have a beauty or travel related product that is simple, versatile that can help my readers stay well?

Restaurants, Hotels, Retreats, Tours with RnR, Spa & Self-Care or Travel Tie-ins Reviews: Do you have a business or service that would be of interest to my readers?

Get in touch! Email me directly at [email protected]. I would love to connect and discuss the opportunities of how we can collaborate and partner in detail. 

To learn about my audience and stats, send me a message at theresa[at] I’m happy to send you my media kit upon request.

*Please note that all sponsored content will be fully disclosed on the site.


What’s stopping you from seeing the world? Let’s talk about it. By the end of our call, you will fear less and be putting back on your priority list and have an action plan to make it happen.