“On behalf of all Canadians, SORRY for being so awesome ALL THE TIME.” – Unknown : )

This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday. Lonely planet named Canada as the best country in the world to visit for 2017. Are you surprised? I admit I was for a second… because it is so close to home I take it for granted, and it probably doesn’t help when I’m more of a summer gal. Nonetheless, I can see why Canada was coveted with this title.

Despite the cold, it is a wonderful place to visit.  And come to think of it, our harsh climate, coupled with our geography and our native history and the strong French and British influences are what has helped shape our Canadian identity and values that are different from our neighbors down south. We weather the storm in peace. We lean more willingly to work towards the collective good over the individual good. The majority of us subscribe to a ‘civic’ ideal of citizenship where our national identity consists of embracing a shared set of valued, not a shared ethnicity.

We love our game of hockey and our maple syrup. And we are just getting started to show the world our unique identity.

From our land to the people, we are a country full of diversity. This is how Canada captivates your heart and your taste buds with joy. See for yourself.

It’s not surprising to see, it doesn’t matter what season you visit, Canada is a natural beauty.

For outdoor enthusiasts it is heaven.

  • In the winter, you can go skiing/snowboarding in Whistler, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, snowshoeing, skating on the lakes, ice fishing, ice climbing in the Rockies.
  • In the summer, take advantage and go explore our Great North in Nahanni National Park, go surfing in Tofino, go canoeing, kayaking, river rafting, hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, rocking climbing. The list is endless. These outdoor activities are all accessible just a few hours away outside of most urban hubs.
  • In the autumn, if you want to see Polar Bears, tis the season. It’s also the start to catch the Northern lights and check out the amazing fall foliage.

For food lovers, since we are a country of immigrants, you are able to taste an array of cuisines from all over the world. It’s like a one stop shop to do a taste of the world. You are able to experience the cuisines of far off lands all here. In our metropolis centers like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, aka (MTV) you’ll find an array of eclectic places to drink and dine. From cool cafes, swanky wine bars, nifty craft breweries to hip farm-to-table places, fusion restaurants, mum  and pop shops to places to fine-dine your heart out.

For wine lovers, we have wine producing regions! Visit the Okanagan valley, in Kelowna, British Columbia and check out the Niagara Peninsula (home of Niagara Falls, the most powerful waterfall in North America) & Prince Edward County, in Southern Ontario. And while you are wine tasting, give ice wine a go.

For city lovers, aside from the popular cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, here are some popular cities to visit. You’ll find each city has their different flair and personality giving you a taste of the different regions in Canada.


CalgaryCalgary, Alberta

Home to the 1988 Winter Olympics & the gateway to Banff, Canadian Rockies and to our Badlands, also known as the Dinosaur Provincial Park. It also hosts one of the most famous rodeos, the Calgary Stampede – attracting more than a million people every July. This city transforms into a celebration of all things country.


Halifax Halifax, Nova Scotia

A signature of the Maritime provinces located in Eastern Canada that borders the Atlantic Ocean). It’s home of Alexander Keith’s brewery. Find yourself on a sailing, sea-kayaking, wine tasting, lobster dining adventure.

Quebec City

Chateau FrontenacQuebec City   Quebec

This is the only walled city in North America. It is quaint and beautiful giving off an old Europe vibe as the old historical architecture is still intact. You get to experience a taste of French culture in North America, as it remains prominent.


Victoria, BC

If Quebec City is rich in French history.Victoria is just the opposite. Its located on the very west coast of Canada and is rich in English history. You’ll find colorful gardens, Victorian style architecture, tea time traditions and a sleuth of water sport fun activities at your fingertips.

For music lovers, Canada hosts an array of music festivals.  The most popular are:

  • BlueFest in Ottawa – Early July
  • Cavendish Beach Music Festival (Cavendish, PEI) early July
  • Festival d’été de Québec – Quebec City – July
  • Hillside in Guelph (mid-July)
  • North by Northeast (NXNE) 2017 (mid-June)
  • Osheaga in Montreal – End of July/ Early August
  • Sled Island (mid-June)
  • Squamish Music Festival in Squamish, B.C. – Early August
  • WayHome- Oro-Medonte, ON (About 90 min away from Toronto)

For a list of yearly Canadian music festivals click here.

And lest I forget! Our most famous film festival – TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) that happens every year in early September.

For wildlife lovers, when you explore the Rockies you may come across an elk, deer, moose, mountain goat, coyote, cougar, grizzly bear. Whale watching is popular in the Maritime provinces, Victoria, and Newfoundland, Churchill/Hudson Bay Area in Manitoba, and the Arctic.  And Polar bear watching in October and November is infamous in Churchill, Manitoba.

So if you are

Looking for a memorable outdoor adventure… 

Looking to attend some music festivals… Looking to go on a northern safari… Looking to do a road trip…


Look No Further. Come to Canada!

Along the way stop by a maple syrup farm, or a local farm where you can pick your own fruit and keep trekking with your local goodies. Check out the most scenic drives in Canada here.


What’s more?

Canada is safe! Our air is clean! There’s a lot of space to welcome you all to come discover & roam! It’s also affordable because our Canadian dollar is so crappy against almost all major international currencies. What are you waiting for? Come celebrate our 150th birthday with us!



Photo contribution credits: Argen Elezi, FerdyJulianKalen Emsley, Robert Hechler, Jondolar Schnurr,  Jan Temmel, ohliviaford, RobynM