Summer is not quite upon us, but being stuck in a polar vortex you dream about escaping old man winter for some fun in the sun. Imagine somewhere tropical, with sand in between your toes, getting drunk on the warm, wild ocean breeze lounging in your swimsuit.

When I booked my beach holiday to the island of St. Barth’s I wanted to pack a quality classic, chic suit with me that made me feel bold and feminine when I’m on the beach, or at the pool.

Because… we all know, when a suit makes you feel good, it makes it easier to make a splash and have fun around the nearest body of water.

In my search, I came across VOLP. They are based out of Toronto but their suits are designed and made in Brazil. Their philosophy is to encapsulate the essence of women’s individuality and daringly carefree spirits. I was immediately drawn to the style of their swimwear. It has a fashion-forward aesthetic to it. The sophisticated bold cut outs are placed artfully to flatter the female body, enabling women to be playful, move and express themselves confidently.

St Martin


The style reinforced what my Brazilian friends I’ve met traveling were saying, ‘we know how to make swimwear.’ Every time I was at the beach I admired their à la mode swimsuits. From the design to how it hugs their body.

So I was curious to see if Brazilian made swimwear lives up to its hype. I reached out to VOLP asking to see if they would like to collaborate. They said yes!  In going through their collection, I chose the Solar Crossed Straps One-Piece Swimsuit XL- following their size guide. (I was in between L and XL but decided to opt for XL to be on the safe side), because it is always better go a size up with swimsuits.




I chose this particular piece because I am self-conscious when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. My body is not like a 20-year old anymore!  In addition, I am apprehensive when it comes to online shopping. Often times, I find what may look good on the screen, does not look good on me. So I wanted to choose something conservative with an eye-catching statement.

And this piece screams Charmingly Chic! It’s black. And we all know what black does to a body. And the cross-back of this piece is just exquisite!

Within a week, I had my new one-piece. It came wrapped nicely and tied up with a string, including a thank you note inside.

Thank you

The swimsuit itself looks like a simple classic black swimsuit from the front with its high neckline. But when you feel the material, you can immediately feel the high-quality fabric. It has a luxurious and sturdy feel. It is made of 84% nylon and 16% spandex. When you turn it around, you are immediately wowed by the sophisticated design pattern.

When I put it on, it fits perfectly. The material is soft, comfortable, and sturdy. I could not stop looking at my be-hind! The infamous Brazilian back coverage also surprised me. Previously, I have always veered towards swimsuit bottoms that provided full coverage but this cut on this particular piece really surprised me. It gave my buttocks a lift.  It immediately gave me a sense of confidence in my steps.

My sister who was with me at the time of opening and trying the suit on also chimed in and said ‘Wow, you look great and you look so comfortable in your own skin.”

St. Maarten


I knew at that moment this is going to be my go-to classic one piece when I travel because I adore how it makes me look effortlessly flattering.

During the trip, I didn’t want to take this one-piece off because it was sooo comfy. It provided me with love handle coverage when I’m lounging by the pool or frolicking on the beach after sipping a few too many pina and guavaberry coladas.

One thing I had to get used to though was the Brazilian bottom, as I found myself adjusting the bottom a few times. However, I don’t think this would be an issue for those who are use to less coverage. The swimsuit is also lined and so it adds support and additional privacy, but the downside is it takes a llttle bit longer to dry.


Some Other Things to Consider:

For those who need a little extra support and control for the girls, you may want to consider a suit that has an underwire built-in, as VOLP’s suit does not come with underwire built. Luckily, my breasts are what Shakira would call ‘small and humble’ so this wasn’t a big issue for me.

For more versatility, definitely check out their tops and bottoms collection, where you can easily mix and match to your heart’s content. They also have one pieces that are reversible giving you two suits in one.

For disguising lumps and bumps, choose colored or patterned swimsuits, you’ll find bold color designs and patterns that have got you covered. However, VOLP also has a selection of lighter colored swimsuits with breezy palm tree prints if you are looking to rock a softer and vibrant vibe. 

So how much do I love the Solar Crossed Straps One-Piece? I LOVE IT. I love the back and the sleek classic look it gives. I also love how it envelopes my body, making me feel good. And when what you wear makes you feel good, you naturally exude a glow and feel beautiful. It’s a no brainer, this classic and stylish one piece will simplify what I need to pack on holidays.

Want Your Own

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Head over to VOLP and find your chic travel-friendly suit for your next vacay!

*Although this post was done in collaboration with VOLPall thoughts, opinions are my own.


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