When I saw photos of the Eco and Tree houses at Pedras Salgada, I knew this modern Eco-Spa & Nature facility would be a great mini-escape away from the city.

Located about 125 Km away from Porto, Portugal, you can reach this place in less than 2 hours.  The town is known for its mineral water and is where Pedras – a natural mineral carbonated bottled water comes from.

The resort has 12 Eco Bungalows and 2 Treehouses dotted and nestled in the middle of the lush Pedras Salaga Park with plans to build a few more. The simplistic and contemporary houses blended with nature is what lends them their special charm.

Eco House

This is the bungalow we stayed at. Inside is tremendously spacious and can sleep 4 comfortably. As it was a spontaneous getaway, the treehouses were booked up until Spring 2018.  However, we got a peek inside:

It’s small with just a double bed for two. But it is equipped with all the necessary amenities in the treehouse. My favorite thing about the place is the skylight window. At night you can imagine being able to lay in the treehouse and look up at the stars.

When we arrived at night and settled into our bungalow, I could immediately feel my senses relax. I can only imagine what it would be like in the treehouse.  There is no doubt you could see the stars shine so brightly through the treelines and it’s for certain you will be smiling from ear to ear glowing like the stars up above. When you stay at the resort, you can access the spa and pool facilities for free.

What I loved about the place (in no particular order):



Upon entering our room are the touches of fresh fruit, and copious amount of complimentary water stocked in the fridge, teas and coffee. I also loved the line of eco-friendly bathroom products. The cedarwood scent is so pleasant, it immediately grounds you as your senses are infused with a natural and woody smell. The deck is also a lovely place to unwind, listen to the birds and enjoy the smell of fresh pine.

Meal – Specifically Breakfast

The rooms were equipped with basic kitchen items so you could prepare your own meals, as just outside the park you will find a couple of grocery stores.  However, I highly recommend not to make your own breakfast at the resort! 1). It’s included when you stay there. 2) It had such a variety of items (cheese, bread, salmon, charcuterie, yogurt, spreads, juices) to satisfy your taste buds. And everything is oooh so fresh! For dinner, Pedras Salgadas is a region known for its meat, so if you like meat rather than fish, so try one of their specialty local meat dishes)

Other amenities that are complimentary include:

– sauna and steam room;

– indoor (children are permitted in the mornings);

– outdoor pool (the outdoor pool is seasonal);

– tennis court;

– mini-golf;

– game room;

– playground for children;

– bikes;

The facility also has a bar (open during the weekend and high season) and services for massages and beauty treatments for guests to enjoy. A chapel and a historic casino is also onsite and could be rented and used as a venue for weddings and to host specials events.

What I think would make this place even better is to incorporate yoga, Tai Chi and meditation as part of an activity offered by the resort. However, you could bring your yoga mat and zen out. 🙂


A perfect location to relax and unwind in nature! It’s located in an area that is close to explore the Douro Valley, Lamego, and Chaves.

For wine lovers:

Explore Douro Valley – a northern region in Portugal that produces wines and olive oils. You will find endless rows of terraced grape vines, olive trees and beautiful dramatic landscapes while enjoying wine tasting. And in the winter you’ll find pink and white almond blossoms adorning the hillsides of Douro Valley.

Visit Lamego – A town that is the gateway to the vineyard that produces the famous Port wines.

For spa lovers:spa pool

Visit Chaves – located 10 Km away from Spain is a riverside spa town founded by the Romans. The mineral waters are naturally hot. They contain (bicarbonates, sodium, silicates and fluoride) and are taken for its healing properties. People visit the spas here more for clinical treatments, mainly for the stomach, liver, intestinal and kidney ailments.

Other attractions include a medieval quarter, the Roman bridge, and the Chaves Castle with a garden inside. 

For Nature Lovers

Pedras Salgadas is located in a mountainous region of Portugal and serves as good base for hiking and partaking in adventurous sport activities. I was there for a day and only had time to walk around the park, but visit the tourist office directly at the left entrance of the main street and they will be able to give you the details of good local mountain biking and hiking trails

Peneda- Gerês National Park (Gerês) is also about an hour and a half away from Pedras Salgada. Gerês is an unfiltered geographical beauty of Portugal where you’ll find Roman ruins and quaint traditional villages scattered amidst the gorgeous mountains and waterfalls. It’s a paradise for nature and outdoor thrill seekers.

Splurge or Skip?

  • For budget travelers, and first time visitors to Portugal who is looking to sightsee main sights on a strict timeline, Skip!
  • For those who have time to spare and enjoy the mountains or are doing a road trip around Portugal – Splurge!
  • For those looking to take a break from their everyday lives and recharge with nature – Splurge!

What I love about my stay at Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park is you could set your own pace. You could totally relax and merge with nature by hiding away in your nook and simply enjoy the natural surroundings. Or choose to be more active if you are looking for a little outdoor adventure. It serves as a great base to explore the northern region and national parks and towns of Portugal while getting to spend some quality time alone or with family and friends amidst the eco-forest park.



  • Cleaniness
  • Comfort
  • Facilities
  • Staff
  • Value for Money