“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. ” – Napoleon Hill

Change is a constant in life.  We can’t escape it.  Sometimes it happens unexpectedly and sometimes it can be anticipated.  With the talk of recession, companies cutting costs, the talk of AI replacing repetitive jobs in the future, there is a good chance your job may be on the line at some point.  This certainly can be scary as you will lose the security of a comfortable pay check.

However, with this knowledge, instead of wallowing in fear and putting your energy in worrying about the possibility you may be out of a job, start to ask yourself, what can I do now while I am still working?  When you take the time to think about this question, it puts you on the offense and in control, minimizing the impact it’ll have on you.

So what can you do?

Focus and make a list of all the positive things of how losing your job may be a good thing and what it means to you. Start putting your energy towards doing things you can do now to narrow the income flow gap in a possible transition.

Below you’ll find 4 positive reasons why losing your job may be the best thing that happens to you and some suggested actions you can take now to help cushion the blow.

1. You Will Have More Time

Depending on your circumstance you may be able to afford to have a longer downtime in between transitions. The important thing is to start saving. Put away some rainy day funds (if this is not already a practice), invest in some conservative, high paying dividend stocks. Learn how to make your money work for you. This way when you’ve got more time on your hands, you can enjoy it without being anxious about needing to get back to work right away.

2. You Can Travel

There is so much to see in this world. If you like traveling or have been putting off a vacation for some time, now is your chance.  The good news is it’s pretty easy to not break the bank when you travel these days.  So, while you are still at your job, you can start saving for your travel fund  (if you are not already doing so), and work out a budget. 

Start planning your vacation! Check out AirBnB’s, monitor flight prices via Skyscanner, and plan your itinerary of the places you want to go.  Consider also taking a road trip, pitching a tent and enjoy what nature has to offer.

3. You Have the Opportunity to Re-assess Your Values, Priorities and Life

As you reflect on what your values are and how your current job stacks up to it, you may come to realize the work you do isn’t aligned with your values. For example, you may value family, but your job is demanding and leaves you little time with your family and friends. Perhaps you value integrity but the sales job you are in triggers the sale tactics out of you, which you despise. Or maybe you value creativity but your job and manager stifles it.

Depending on what you discover and what you decide, your actions will differ.

Let’s say you decide you like what you do, but to give you an edge you need to upgrade your skills. Or, maybe you want to switch fields and going back to school makes sense.  You can begin your research now on what courses and schools you want to go or need to take. If you have an option to take it now, do it.

Now, let’s say you like what you do, but want to work for a better company or manager, you can start to set up information interviews. Update your resume, network with previous colleagues, and start your job search.  Be open to new opportunities and new experiences locally or globally.

4. You Can Pursue Your Passion

If you’ve had it with the 9-5 job and is ready to pursue your passion, this may be your time!  You can start to plan ahead.  For example, you know you want to leave but you are buying time to save enough money to line up for something.

Know that any new endeavours that are worthwhile takes time, effort and hard work up front.  It really is important to know why you are doing what you are doing. This will keep your motivation and drive going.

Thus, take a look at what are some of the things you can work on right now. What are some things that doesn’t require your full-time attention? What are some key skills you can start to build? What can you do now to set up your foundation so that you will be further ahead when you take the leap? or better yet, help you prepare for an impact. Cushion it. And be on top.

In life there will always be ups and downs but I found the peaks and troughs to not fluctuate as much as I get older. I find that through experience, you come to have a better grip on how to ride out the wave and steer yourself back up, elevating you to the next level.  Remember when you are riding the low – it is life’s way of re-ordering your life to match more of what you are calling for.

Stay tuned for my future article: Smart Actions You Can Take Before Quitting Your Job.


Photo by Igor Kasalovic