Are you over your job?

Are you worried about what others will think?

Do you feel it is too risky and unsafe?

Do you feel overwhelmed not knowing if you have what it takes to re-invent yourself?

Let’s get online and tackle these internal struggles you have about exploring what makes you feel alive.


Because YOUR stories and excuses are holding you back from discovering yourself and living a more fulfilled life!

The Problem

Most people procrastinate in taking action and think there’s always tomorrow. The truth is we are getting older each day. And soon life will pass you by and you’ll find yourself stuck in a routine in life that makes you miserable. To make it worse, they often don’t know why this is happening!

You can decide to live a life that fuels your soul.

Growing up with Asian parents, I was always afraid of disappointing them. I want to help you nip those pesky demons. The best way to do it is to have a confidante who’s middle name is adaptability, who believes in you and has experienced the judgment, the disapproval, and the naysayers who think the key to success is focus, focus, focus.  This may work for some people but not for me.  There are too many things that I am drawn to from a creative side. Perhaps you can relate?  Feeling like I was always odd, I learned to embrace my inner wiring  and design a life with how I am wired.  So I invite you to book your session.

Let me help you:

1. Debunk your fear & how to tackle them

2. Answer questions you have on transitioning

3. Get clarity on how to move forward and take the next steps to explore your interests with minimal risks

At the end of the session, you will feel more excited about life and more confident in taking your next step.

Let’s turn your dreams into reality!

We cannot grow and live a life full of possibilities by being complacent.

Ready to Re-ignite your Passion and Interests?

You are 3 steps away!

Step 1. Sign up

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Select either a 30 minutes session or a 60 minutes session.

  • $60 USD – 60 minutes
  • $45 USD – 30 minutes
Re- Invent Yourself Session

Step 2. Contact me to schedule a session time.

Send me an email! [email protected]

Please include in the email the following:

  • A brief background about yourself.
  • What 2-3 things are holding you back from re-inventing yourself.
  • Your skype ID as we’ll be doing the call via Skype + Webcam
  • Your time zone + 3 preferred dates and times to have the session

Step 3. Let’s start!

I will email you to confirm session time within 48 hours and a short pre-work and instruction doc you need to complete and send back to me prior to the session.

IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions


  1. Prices exclude credit card fees that Paypal charges
  1. Travel consult is a one-time session and is to be used within one month of purchase. There will be no refund for payment made.
  1. Any changes in coaching dates/times must be made at least 48 hours before the session. Happy Free Lifestyle reserves the right to forfeit a session if changes are made within 48 hours of its intended date/time.
  1. If you are late for an appointment please understand that as a courtesy to other clients, we may still need to finish at the agreed time. However, if you have not made yourself available within 15 minutes of our agreed start time I will presume you have cancelled.
  1. If there is a no show within 15 minutes of our agreed start time on the day of scheduled session, it will not be re-scheduled, unless it is due to extenuating circumstances, and Happy Free Lifestyle reserves the right to forfeit the session.
  1. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to helping you prepare and plan your traveling so that you feel confident and excited about your trip. Adventure awaits!