Hi, I’m Theresa! I’m a freedom lovin’, travel junkie. I was Made in Taiwan and Shipped to Canada 🙂 To date, I’ve traveled to just shy of 50 countries and have lived and worked in the US, Japan and Romania. I inherited the travel bug from my dad.


As far as I can remember, ever since I was little, every summer my dad made an effort to plan a trip to take us somewhere over the summer break.

Traveling in my Twenties

I had my fair share of spring break shenanigans, roughing it at hostels, and being a tourist following where the crowd went.

Later in my 20s, a lot of my friends started to focus on their careers and settling down which led me to experience traveling solo for the first time.

This was a hard period for me because it was my first time experiencing growing out of friendships and relationships. And career-wise, I was experiencing expectation hangover. My idea of working in a big company, getting paid a good salary didn’t turn out the way I thought it was going to be.

The Problem

I’m not a 9-5 girl. I’m a free spirit. I don’t want to be a working zombie. I like my freedom and my time to live and enjoy life and not have to pack as much things as I can to see and do in my travels because of the limited vacation days we get working in Canada.

Instead of confronting my demons, I was fronting like I can’t wait to settle and climb the corporate ladder. In reality, even though I was paid well, I wanted to escape it. I didn’t solely want to depend on the company for my source of income and always looked for ways to make money on the side. During this period, I felt like something was wrong with me. What tipped me over the edge was when the guy who I thought was ‘the one’ broke up with me. 

It was then, I needed to escape this ‘bad’ breakup and was looking for someone to come travel with me. And none of my friends were available because they all were focused on their own life and responsibilities. And I realized, each to their own. Life is Too Short. There’s too much I want to see in the world to wait around for people to join me

And the great thing about traveling solo is you start to meet people from all walks of life and you come across people like you and you find your tribe. You learn to be okay with who you are, which inspired me to develop the 10 Manifestos for Live Life On Your Own Terms. 

Traveling in my Thirties

Having experienced and done some cool stuff already and being more mature and self-aware, it’s now easier to say yes to doing and seeing exactly what you want rather than following the pack and partying it up with fellow Western travelers all night.

With more disposable income to spend, what I craved was more dining and relaxation experiences, where I can mentally unwind. Taking it easy, sippin’ wine, people watching, discovering less touristy places, finding wellness destinations, connecting with people exchanging ideas and perspectives.

This is what inspired Happy Free Lifestyle 

Happy =  doing what feeds your soul and what fulfills you in life instead of living up to the ideal moulds society has created.

I’m a big advocate of self-care and living outside the box. Creating a life that is in alignment with who I am.

What Makes Me Happy?

Yes, you guessed it! Travel.

Traveling for me gives me a sense of joy and freedom.  It’s my mental break from my daily life routine to reconnect, recharge and rejuvenate my mind body and soul, connecting with others and exploring new ideas, trying on new perspectives and seeing new possibilities in life.

Other things that make me happy:

Going to spas and hot springs. Keeping Healthy (we all know without health there is no wealth).  The smell of peonies. Brunches. Eating delicious healthy food and indulging in food that’s not so healthy. Dancing to my own beat.  Experiencing new things. Finding ways to be resourceful in life.

Free =  Freedom and choices.

What Makes Me Feel Free?

Having control of where I spend my time. Taking time off without feeling guilty or cash-strapped. Being able to adapt to life when it throws you a curve ball.  Finding peace and simplicity within chaos. Being comfortable in my own skin. Embracing who I am, and less of what everyone else wants me to be while empowering others to do the same.

Can You Relate?

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You can learn more about how traveling gives you a competitive advantage to thrive in life here. And you can read more about what I do to create my Happy and Free Lifestyle here.

Life is short. There’s more to life than walking around wishing and living it vicariously through others. It’s time to Explore, Discover and Dream DO!

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