5 Mindful Concepts to Help You Say No

  Many people have the problem saying not to requests, invitations and opportunities because they don’t want to feel guilty for disappointing others or they don’t want to risk burning any bridges. But if you take on too many commitments you end up being stressed,...

Encircled: Fashion for the Ultimate Carry On Wanderluster

I'm a minimalist and so I am a big fan packing light. Like, a BIG fan. Early on in my travels, I noticed I end up wearing usually only my favorites in my luggage. This usually means I only end up wearing less than 50% of what I bring. Thus, I decided for any trips...

How to Protect Yourself from Energy Suckers

On Halloween, we all know the need to beware of the ghosts, goblins and otherworldly characters that come out for the season for some harmless haunted fun. But what about watching out for the energy vampires in our everyday life. You know… the people and things that...

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The Instagram Guide to Porto

Have you ever visited a place where you feel like you just can’t get enough of?! Porto is the city for me. It will put a spell on you conjuring up a nostalgic feeling inside of you. It is known for being a picturesque riverside city. From the romantic Ribeira to...

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Ibiza is More Than a Party Island

When my friend said let’s go to Ibiza! The first thing that popped into my mind was late night partying and my body cringed. ‘It’s not really up my alley.’ I said. ‘C’mon! It’s more than a party destination. Even Oprah loves it! There is something for everyone on any...

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